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Hi! I'm Erika Ashley and I help you be your best self by eliminating self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns, so you can conquer overwhelm and re-discover fulfillment in your career and lifestyle.





Hi! I'm Erika Ashley; my life's purpose is to help you be your most conscious, connected self and overcome your negative patterns and limiting beliefs. I do that through a signature blend of Human Design and high level, intimate mentorship that focuses especially on work, wealth, and relationships. 

I am a professional liver of life, laugh inducer, and lesson learner; I invite you to read my blog to discover practical tips to unlocking the wisdom of your Human design, some of the lived lessons that I've picked up in first Saturn Return, and helpful articles to grow your money, mind, and message.

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Let's unlock your cosmic CRIB SHEET.

 This is my human design chart. It's the best way to get to know me, really.

This is my human design chart. It's the best way to get to know me, really.

You know the crib sheets you used to use for finals exams? Where you'd cram every possible equation in handwriting so tiny you needed a magnifying glass? Your Human Design chart is like that... only it's way less stressful than my graduating math final was for me. And had I known about Human Design at that time, I wouldn't have bothered because I would have known that my life's purpose wasn't going to involve more math than being able to count hundos. 😂

In this session, you'll discover who you really are and why you're here. We can cover life purpose, money, relationships, career, etc. and I will provide you with practical recommendations and guidance about how to start living according to your human designs.

Because they're so energetically intimate, I can only do 4 of these readings a month, so book your session ASAP!


Bespoke success coaching + guidance


You're one a kind. Your guidance should be, too.

One of the most fascinating things about Human Design is that no two people are exactly alike. Sure, we all share some common traits and patterns, but no one's energetic signature will match yours.

Which is why all the cookie cutter guidance out there and all the healing sessions with "gurus" aren't going to help you thrive.

In these intimate 1:1 containers, I customize the length, format, and delivery method of our sessions based on your Human Design, so that you're getting the guidance you need in the way that will be most beneficial to you.

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    The show where we have conscious conversations with conscious people... without all the high brow spiritual bullshit. You can be spiritual and be a hedonist and that's the kind of life we believe in here. You have to fill your own cup to fill anybody else's.

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