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About Me

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Meet ashley


Hiiii! I'm Erika Ashley, award-winning success coach to thriving entrepreneurs, influencers, and public figures. I also happen to have crazy life experiences like riding in a blimp and partying with kent monkman but anywayyys.

I'm a makeup enthusiast with no desire for rehab, femme fashionista, and chronic hair dyer. I'm a 3/5 Projector and my entire Human Design chart basically makes me able to pierce right into your soul aka my bullshit meter and gaydar are both pretty much always right.

I am the founder of be. with ashley, a conscious platform for the spiritually hedonistic to engage in thoughtful discussion and live to their fullest potential. Making and impacting millions don't have to be exclusive, after all.

I'm just on the cusp of my Saturn return, and I've lived and made a lotta mistakes in the last 29 years that I openly and candidly share with you for some laughs and lessons.

I can honestly say that my life turned around about five years ago when I hit the lowest of lows (unsuccessful suicide attempt lows) when I learned about Human Design via a podcast five years ago. Now, I get to spend my time reading others charts, travelling around the world motivating others, and working with the most FAB people to guide them through life and help them get whatever they want.

My mission is to bring Human Design to the masses, help revolutionize how we work, play, and exist, and lift each other up. You know, just small potatoes stuff, really.

You've definitely seen me in the media before and you'll probably recognize my voice from other people's podcasts and (soon) Millionerika Radio.

I love getting DMs on Instagram, communicating in gifs on Twitter, and free trips to Paris.